HOW TO DRESS 70’s THIS SPRING WITHOUT EFFORT to dress 70s this spring without effort ? Well, let’s take a little trip back to that era of free love and positive vibes because retro just became modern again. From psychedelic prints, tightly-fit tops to,swooping bellbottoms, everywhere you look, you’ll notice that 1970s style is back in heavy rotation ! I am convinced that era was massively experimental in terms of ‘fashion’ because much of 70s style clothing was based around textures, bold prints, intense in aesthetic outfits and so on. If you really want to rule this trend this spring, discover bellow how you can bring the 70s groove back in your own wardrobe !

First of all, keep one word in mind: flares. Even though other styles of trousers were worn in the 70s, the flares dominated this era! Whether it was a straight leg that turned into a flare or just full on flare, these were the trouser of the 70s. Thus, the key to making 70s style feel current for your spring look is a  wide-legged denim . Whether you’re emotionally attached to your skinny jeans or have thought that the flare style never left, prepare to get on board with the retro revival. Plus, don’t forget to pair your high-waisted with a great heel. Wearing heels with full-length flare jeans is particularly essential, as the added height will balance out the jeans’ volume. However, if you’re still feeling flats, opt for a pair of cropped flare jeans instead. It isn’t always easy to put together an wide-leg jean outfit without feeling, but you can play flares safe by wearing something tight up top, but don’t be afraid of volume: Style your wide-leg denim with an oversized sweatshirt or a top with billow sleeves blouse for a truly modern look.

By the way, colorful or printed blouses tight on top and baggy on bottom with a touch of glam and deep necklines, were a popular trend for both men and women in the 70s. It was about things that were fitted, revealing but not revealing at the same time. It was about showing your body as much as possible, but not always in a vulgar way. So, you can mix 70s with modern structure by adding in spring wardrobe, a beige deep V Button-Down Cropped Top . Finally, bring on the funky accessories to understand the importance of accessories during the ’70s! This means, have fun with crazy prints, and take it up a few notches. Instead of tying a scarf around your head, add a touch of retro by simply knotting one around your purse.

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