It cannot denied that we all got a favourite pair of jeans that we turn to again and again but l think it's time to put them to one side for a moment, because there are more exciting ways to wear denim than ever this season! From the '90s dungarees to the '70s long-sleeved or buttoned-up dress and more, these are definitively the denim trends you need to wear at the moment (now you can consider yourself officially warned).



    I think that overalls also called dungarees are the most versatile of transition items a the moment. In fact, they are pants but still allow you to show up that you have got something cool going on underneath and you can layer on top of them. I've been debating with some friends of mine because on one side, overalls are thought to be the symbol of lost youth in their adult years while on the other side, others believe that overalls look best for those who're still in kindergarten. I saw some designers on spring runways who remixed overalls with cool fabrics, colors, and silhouettes which makes them unique while…



    I'm currently craving for different shades of gold and as there are lots of glamorous ways to wear this color tone, it's become a big trend right now especially for the coming summer season! I mean, there's plenty of shades variety, styles, and choices available so you can wear gold even if you've previously avoided it such as on accessories. Even if you're not a fan of standard shades, there are still lots of fantastic ways to wear gold with which to experiment. Just play around with different variations and find something that complements your skin tone, your hair, or the color of your eyes!



    Despite the fact that I finally jumped into the Snapchat App few days ago with the username of 'WallaceYolicia'(huuuh yes finally), it wasn't enough to attenuate my strong craving of travelling! In fact, I'm currently in a travel mood which means that I'm feeling a deep need to go abroad,discovering new people and cultures! Even though it's not really possible at the moment because I have to start my second university semester exams revision, I'm planning however to go somewhere else this year: Mykonos or Crete in Greece at the end of July or August and to Korea in October for sure. I'm yet getting sick of maintaining that same…



    It's clearly the first time you've seen this blog going into another horizon : the hippie trend inspiration! I've sincerely been waiting for this kind of moment to experiments news things as now spring is there and festivals events are around too. As promised on my last post, here you have one of my first Coachella inspirational style like if I were there(hmm my spirit is already in California). The main purpose is of course to inspire some of you through several outfits when you'll be on the go to attend these cool music events!



    Two days more left until you'll be able to rock the dance floor again! Of course, I'm talking about the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival which is right around the corner! You know, that annual festival in the desert of California where you have some best places to listen to super-trendy DJs and artists musics! Dear folks, it's high time you gave festival fashion a spin this spring and summer. I mean, try to embrace your inner bohemian wild child with hippie-chic dresses, fringes tops, colored denim shorts, and much more!