HOW TO CHARM UP YOUR AUTUMN WITH THOMAS SABO and winter in a fashion perspective, generally appeal for layered looks with tailored coats, coordinating scarves, or edgy accessories. In that last mentioned field, Thomas Sabo is a jewelry brand I have admired from a distance for a few years. I first stumbled across them when I was searching for edgy, gothic themed jewelries and such was the impression they made that I’ve always followed their new collection releases. Especially a year after their Charm Club collection launch in 2013, I discovered another way to appreciate jewelry in a playful but still feminine way. Either from their romantic heart charms to fashion symbols, or from sterling silver bracelets to colorful stone beaded stretchy bracelet, the  Charm Club provides endless   combinations . Therefore, each of them can tell your own story as well as a special moment of our life. 

I’m more than convinced that fashion is part our own story, and can take a real turn towards every kind of style that defines us. This is why, I’m always yearning for a special statement accessory to perfectly compliment my outfits.  The fact that these Thomas Sabo Charms can bring different styles side of fashion, and I can find my own fashion story in there, is priceless. Indeed, from the romantic, fun, to sweet or cute and thoughtful depending on the occasion, there’s a spare room for every fashion aspect. Not only, if you want to share a deeper story or feeling to your other half, you can choose some carefully detailed Charm pendants that can be attached to decorate any Charm bracelet. If you also prefer, you can create  » love »  word with the Letter Charms  or simply wear your loved one’s initials on your wrist to keep them always close to your heart.

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