HOW TO GET LA DOLCE VITA ROMANCE STYLE you are too broke to plan your holidays in the Amalfi coasts, don’t worry, I’ve found a solution for you: Bring the italian dolce vita vibes  straight to your style by adopting Italian women passion which is translated into their style with a flair for the dramatic. No only, their fashion-forward outfits are never short on ruffles, statement bags oversize silhouettes, bold earrings, or extravagant details that make them stand out. So why don’t you  give  yourself permission to rewrite style rules the way they see fit. Plus, by adopting the dolce vita style, think about bold sunglasses such as the vintage hot pink Kurt Cobain, red lipstick, edgy satin scarves and among other things, to add a touch of drama to your everyday looks.

Certainly, in term of fashion, I can already hear you say  » tastes are subjective  », but when it comes to both design and fashion, there are certain things that define the modern dolce vita style.  It concerns the carefully curated mix of old and new, traditional and modern, and meaning pieces that are timeless and much more interesting than something that looks like a page out of a catalog or trendy pieces from head to toe. This is what a modern and dramatic dolce vita style ! Therefore, by opting for the dolce vita style, the key is to emphasize the parts of your body you’re most comfortable with.  For instance, if you are proud of your cleavage, just flaunt it. If you have great legs, show them off. Try to look unique by choosing bold pieces that match in print or have a quirky flair like an unexpected ruffle detail, a certain silhouette, a pattern handed down from your grandmother. With these few tips in mind, have fun with your fashion but keep it à la dolce vita.

I’m wearing: Parfois pink clutch bag / H&M NAVY LONG VELVET SLIP DRESS(SIMILAR AT SHOPBOP ) / Zara greek pink sandals( similar at ASOS or Yoox ) / Velvet scarf at therealreal


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