SOMEWHERE TO STAY SHORTLY WHILE ON THE GO many of you know, my home town is hidden in the french part of Switzerland precisely in Neuchâtel. Although nothing related to fashion happens there, when opportunities come up at the same time, which mean several Fashion events and meeting as well, they generally are hosted in Zurich city (Economy capital of Switzerland). This is therefore, way more interesting in term of traveling and distance, as I can stay more longer in the city, exploring some areas, while enjoying the swiss german culture. In fact, a few days ago I planned my little stay in Zurich where I attended some events followed by a few meetings for some future projects here on the blog and on my social networks. I then took this opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite serviced apartments Visionapartments while on the go, so I could enjoy a peacefulness stay in the city for 3 days.

Moreover, renting an apartment with them for whether in Berlin, Vienna, or Mallorca can make a lot of sense for those who like that  »on the go lifestyle ». This is why Visionapartments  tends to offer from spacious studio to one or two bedroom apartments that are ideally well located in the city center. The  » home-from-home » feeling whether you’re in town for business or leisure is certainly a plus provided by the service that I didn’t expect but truly appreciated. As far as I’m concerned, the apartment I was staying was in a superb central night life location, so I could explore the vibrant and dynamic city or simply enjoy cafes within walking distance. I cannot forget to mention also the apartment contemporary décor with the elegant furnishings and the free access to the gym and spa area on the 7th floor. 

Most travelers live in the misconception that vacation rentals might be expensive. People also somehow feel that vacation homes are for only spending several weeks or months in a particular place. However, all these are absolutely far from the truth. In reality, vacation rentals can be anything from a sprawling estate to a studio apartment. Well, I sincerely find vacation rental as a great option especially if you aren’t going alone, the budget can be saved. For instance, most hotels would charge you even if a single extra bed is asked while most vacation rental homes have constant prices. This means that you can rent the entire place without having to worry about extra charges per head. This said, for a future travel plan, may I suggest you to try on that kind of serviced apartments rental option but research extensively before you decide upon the rental place where you want to stay. Remember before you committing a rental, to be clear on the details and also check out the location on a map so you know if this will suit you. Those tips reminder can help smooth the way for a great stay.

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