ROCKING THE PLAID OVERALL SKIRT IN LONDON two weeks have passed since I came down here in London to spend first some time with my family, enjoying the festive season and welcoming this new year. Discovering the city again was joyful as it has changed from the time I left the city in 2009 after 3 little months of linguistic school exchange. I took the opportunity to also meet my friend and photographer Luca Perrin who I haven’t seen for ages as he moved in the British capital, to embrace change and live his dream: Photography. Two days before, we caught up thus and shoot some outfits in Nottin Hill’s area like we used to do in Switzerland streets and areas. One can now understand where I got the plaid vibe and worn it. It’s in fact one of my favorite masterpiece which is also in honor of the classic print hailing from the Highlands which comprises UK’s four countries.

I do think plaid pattern attracts the eyes especially during cold months. It’s one pattern that emanates the essence of fall and winter. This is why, whether you’re channeling festive vibes, schoolgirl chic or silhouettes of decades past, you can rock plaid for a night out, the office look with a twist and weekend strolls in no time. Therefore, if wearing a plaid skirt makes you feel like you’re going to preparatory school you can still avoid this side by not pairing your plaid with a preppy blazer or white button down. Instead, you can wear simple pieces that will show off your personal style and bring your plaid skirt from school girl to uber chic. If you’re looking for a cooler outfit style, channel that inner 90s girl and tie a bright denim jacket around your waist to take your plaid skirt and T-shirt look to the next level. You can therefore, pair your plaid skirt with a leather bomber jacket or boyfriend cable knit sweater or a suede cami and pair it with moto boots. As you might notice, there are tons of ways you can style your plaid skirt, you just need to start off with the style you want to portray.

It’s also fair to say, plaid skirt is already a classic staple that is ideal for making a real statement. For instance, if you want something a bit hot,with your tartan skirt, then go for a long sleeve glitter bodysuit or in black shade and finish the look by adding burgundy accessories. If pulling off the chic glam outfit is what you want instead, it involves taking a subtle, accenting color in the plaid and finding something in a vibrant shade of the same hue ont the top. You can also add shape with a fitted top and sleek heels or ankle boots. Remember that plaid’s lifetime is pretty long and frankly seems to not fade away, so whatever the plaid, the skirt style and the face it has one day, it will always hold a bit of cheekiness, retro & grunge vibe to it.

I’m wearing:  Cluse green velvet watch / Dune London Olive Lace Up Knee boots ( cicihot similar ones)  / New look plaid overall skirt ( URBANOUTFITTERS similar one) / Primark khaki beanie / H&M Tee / crédit photo : Luca Perrin

I’m wearing:   Cluse green velvet watch / Dune London Olive Lace Up Knee boots ( cicihot similar ones)  / New look plaid overall skirt ( URBANOUTFITTERS similar one) / Primark khaki beanie / H&M Tee / crédit photo : Luca Perrin


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