10 novembre 2016

wallaceyolicia_swiss_fashion_bloggers-2016_silk_pink_rompers-gold_mirrored_sunglasses-Beginner-bloggers_how_build_social_mediasFashion blogging might seem easy on paper, but it requires countless hours of planning, creative thinking and a unique point of view. In an ideal world, you might get thousands of followers within a day after making one striking, or a thoughtful post but unfortunately we don’t live in that  »ideal world ». You need to have patience and keep giving your best with the most exceptional ideas and posts. Therefore, you also need to understand the power of using social medias. Certain social media channels are at their peak or rising. For instance, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat, these powerful platform have gained so much popularity that fashion bloggers expert have made them essential to up their game and utilize them to attract and maintain followers all around the world.

The more you use social medias, the broader the audience you reach and a broader audience means new potential and engaged followers. You might now understand the importance of being connected through those social networks when you start your blog . This said, if you want to attract brands attention you need to build a solid community following your blog and social medias. Once you have cracked this, you can approach fashion companies for collaborations in advertising their products. Indeed, combining your blog content with your social media presence, enables engagement and helps you to create connections. Let’s be honest: keeping up with socials media and your fashion or any other field can feel like a full time job, and progress will take time but be prepared to put in a lot of effort. However, the time you take to build up quality content and gaining a following will  help you develop the Domain Authority of your website.

You understood it, there are many ways to run a successful social media and just owning a blog isn’t enough. Be aware that the digital world is constantly evolving and you have to  »networking ». It means, as a blogger who want to succeed, you should head to industry events to gain contacts and knowledge. By attending events and discussions you can stay at the forefront of the industry, whichever niche you are in. You can even call up companies and see if you can interview them for your website. By building connections and networking, you’re able to build a powerful social media account that will become very wealthy in the process. Another trick is to identify which platform your audience is using the most before sharing your content across all social media networks. For instance, why waste your efforts on Twitter if 90% of your audience uses Facebook ? Each social media platform has a specific demographic. By analyzing your target audience and the demographic statistics associated with each platform, you can determine which network(s) to focus on. This isn’t a new trick but it’s never bad to remind it: Find your top competing blog on social media and examine the following areas. Don’t be afraid, I’m not suggesting you to mimic your competitors. However, you can find out a lot from studying them. Just use this trick as a tool for analyzing social media platforms and distribution tactics. 

It might seem to be redundant but be ready to take risks and introduce your own fashion statement that you like and want people to follow. You are the boss and executive of your ideas and with enough people listening, you can create your own point of view and trend it. When you know your style, stick to it – Be authentic. Don’t just ride the wave; put your unique spin on it and don’t lose your voice. It could also give you incredible sway in the fashion world and carved out a new career path.wallace_yolicia_swiss_fashion_bloggers-2016_silk_pink_rompers-gold_mirrored_sunglasses-Beginner-bloggers_how_build_social_medias


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