Today’s post is another casual style inspiration for every fashionista on a budget which has close ties with a denim outfit post where I stated that you could be broke and yet stylish under $100 . Figuring out ways to be stylish on a budget may not be an ideal pastime, but you have to admit it could be a lot of fun going on bargain hunts right? In fact, being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to swear off any and all shopping, but you just need learn how to shop the budget-wise way. Firstly, know that sale racks are your newfound friends such as thrift stores – it’s a fun and cheap way to pick up some new stylish clothing. Then you have garage sales, and outlet places or online inexpensive shops that are a few other hot spots where you can find really attractive prices such as

Therefore, learn the art of layering as it will be your best friend. Layering looks stylish no matter the occasion! And it’s definitely a way to wear the same pieces over and over without making it obvious. Try to be creative and daring, but when in doubt if something looks good, ask a trusted friend for their opinion. However, don’t be afraid to mix textures or patterns ! 

Being stylish and sticking to a budget isn’t as hard as it may seem,  and another obvious trick but bears repeating is to make sure you have some basics in basic colors in your closet such as denim clothes, jeans, cardigans in white, black, beige, and gray. You will be able to still wear certain tops and dresses without worry. For example, owning two stylish blouses, a good pair of jeans that flatter your figure, two simple blazers, and a good quality handbag are examples of wardrobe staples that will never go out of style. In fact, think about building up your capsule wardrobe by spending a bit more on quality items that suit your shape and wash well, then update your look each season with cheaper fashion items. However, although you may like cheap clothing stores, it should not consume your entire wardrobe. Last but not least, make sure everything you buy can be worn with at least 3 ways with items you have at home to maximize their use. Don’t forget to put together new outfits from your limited closet sparks creativity – just think outside the box !

I’m wearing: Zaful Satin chunky heels sandals / Zaful Candy Mirrored Round Sunglasses / Zaful V Neck Sleeve Blouse / Zaful Pocket denim skirt









I’m wearing: Zaful Satin chunky heels sandals / Zaful Candy Mirrored Round Sunglasses / Zaful V Neck Sleeve Blouse / Zaful Pocket denim skirt


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