13 septembre 2016


Starting a new business, launching your startup,let’s not talk about the late nights hunched over your computer, the pressure is real. Not also mentioning the first few weeks of school with piles of homework – all of that can be pretty rough. Therefore, weekday beach getaways and midday naps are soon  a thing of the past (bye, summer in a few days!) but don’t give it up, you can deal with stress by turning to your own beauty routine first. Thanks to some beauty products on the market, your body can be helped to get soothed, while your mind is also calmed. Well,think of those products as small doses of therapy without ever leaving your home. Easy right? Especially after long days at work, hours spent studying,the hustle and bustle of everyday life can quite literally get under your skin.  Whether harsh elements, work stress, hormones, or personal drama are causing you despair, your skin is sure to show it. This is why you should go ahead and treat yourself to a night-in with calming beauty products.

For instance, you can channel your inner zen with the Rituals relaxing serum. As it is formulated with Chinese peppermint and Yi Yi Ren, that cream tends to soften the skin and is relevant for any soothing stressed minds. By the way, if you can’t make it a massage table anytime soon, don’t stress any more than you already are as it’s not good for your posture. Instead, head over to your favorite retailer and stock up on a calming bath that is formulated with essential oils or sleep-inducing scents like lavender or chamomile. Therefore, after your shower or relaxing bath treatment, pamper yourself by spraying a scent of Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood mist onto your bed or skin. Whether it’s through tactile stimulation of your skin or through the tickling of your olfactory sense, these products will aid you in your goal to achieve a relaxed state on some level, just use them as your key.

While most of us would like to take the day off, chill out on the beach, and turn off the iPhone to allow the work emails to pile up and remain unanswered until Monday, that’s not always a reality. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t engage in a bunch of relaxing activities or indulge in relaxing products today. Don’t just let fake holidays tell you when you can and can’t chill out. Try and make some relaxation time, maybe aim for an hour just for yourself each and every week. Escape from the chaos of your day and pamper your skin and your senses or simply start your day with relaxing exercises or routines. Well, you deserve it. 

RITUALS PRODUCTS: Rituals Happy Buddha Sweet Orange & Cedar / Rituals Happy mist Light bed & Body Mist / Rituals Magic Balm Calendula & Karité / Rituals Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood   / Rituals Qi Relaxing serum /










RITUALS PRODUCTS: Rituals Happy Buddha Sweet Orange & Cedar / Rituals Happy mist Light bed & Body Mist / Rituals Magic Balm Calendula & Karité / Rituals Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood   / Rituals Qi Relaxing serum /

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