3 août 2014


How hard it is when using a color well and finding its complimentary colors becomes difficult! I can’t personally say I have the skill to do it(it’s hard) and it’s something that anyone isn’t born knowing how to do! But in every problem there’s always a solution right?

By the way, today guys I tried to make a challenge: using the correct colors at the right time! To be honest I think I broke the rules haha. Well, when you’re talking about colors, « complimentary » actually means « opposite. » First of all, we know that black and white, for instance, are complimentary colors. That’s why they look so great together- « opposites attract. »  Secondly, you have a true complimentary colors that are the same distance from the center of the wheel(look at this beautiful Analogous Colors, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say), but it can be very striking to combine a color from the center, like a pale yellow green, with its complimentary color from the outside edge, like a deep mauve! I’ve never tried these colors together and won’t try. I personally preferred to create different shades of the same color or similar colors because it always looks(almost) good together and yes this includes both red and pink. That’s why I decided to wear a  « ombré pink » mixed with apricot color,adding a touch of yellow.

Don’t forget: The mystery on how to mix and match colors well with colors aren’t a secret for you anymore because you have this helpful Analogous colors wheel! And please, remember that you don’t have to avoid pairing complementary colors completely, especially if you’re a bold and confident dresser. A good way to use complementary colors in order to have a good effect, is to pair one complementary color with a paler tint of its opposite color. Have a nice day!

Similar items: 1. Skirt – Embossed Skater Skirt or Sis Sis Stationery Skirt / 2. Sandals – Pink Satin Flower Sandals or Satin T-strap Pumps / 3. Scarf: Burberry Hong Kong Landmarks Silk Square or Versace silk-twill scarf / 4.  NecklaceLuxe Lucite Neon Necklace or DaisyGem Yellow Necklace / 5. Bag:  Stella McCartney’s shoulder bag , Madison Crossbody bag or Fossil ‘Small Erin’ Crossbody Bag  /



Similar items: 1. Skirt – Embossed Skater Skirt or Sis Sis Stationery Skirt / 2. Sandals Pink Satin Flower Sandals or Satin T-strap Pumps / 3. Scarf: Burberry Hong Kong Landmarks Silk Square or Versace silk-twill scarf / 4.  NecklaceLuxe Lucite Neon Necklace or DaisyGem Yellow Necklace / 5. Bag:  Stella McCartney’s shoulder bag , Madison Crossbody bag or Fossil ‘Small Erin’ Crossbody Bag  /

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  • You look absolutely stunning!

    • Thank you dear, glad to see you here for the first time!
      Please, feel free to share your thoughts more often ;)
      I’ll checkout your blog as soon as possible

  • Great summer outfit, u look amazing!
    I would like to invite u ti vistit my blog

    • Hi lovely, happy to have a new fashion reader on board! Thanks for appreciating my look and I really hope to see you more often here ;)
      PS: Loved your article about the fashion show in Munich

  • Coucou Wallace, tu es très jolie, j’adore ton collier et tes chaussures, la tenue est très belle :) J’adore la jupe, elle te va très bien !
    Tu es très chic.

    Prince Sam

    • rohalala merci infiniment Sam. Ravie que ce look te plaise!
      Encore une fois, celà me fait très plaisir de voir que tu es si actif sur le blog.
      Bises xx

  • This outfit is so chic, I’m in love with the skirt!xoxo

    • Thank you my dear, glad you loved this skirt. You can find it on the link bellow xx

  • Parfaite pour l’été ma belle :)

    • Ravie que ce look te plaise!
      PS: ton dernier article  »
      V. GROWING UP  » et la musique est si artistique, j’adore!