28 juillet 2014



 » My biggest hope is that my blog will grow and give me the opportunity to collaborate with some popular brands .. »

Guys it’s monday and as every two weeks, you have a new discovery Fashion blogger on #COMBBS rubric. Thank you so much for all your positive feedback and encouraging message. I’m so happy you’re enjoying this new section on the blog! By the way, as you know creating a blog isn’t just something cool and fun. Trust me, it’s only the tip of the iceberg!  You have to work hard and hard every time in order to achieve what you want to do. Our gorgeous Fashion Blogger Laurie from lorallure.blogspot.com opened her little fashion world and shared her life to us and how she managed to survive in this crazy jungle fashion bloggers world so let’s see her short interview !

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My name is Laurie, from lorallure.blogspot.com!  I come from Geneva, Switzerland and I’ve been in love with fashion, beauty and sport for my whole life. I’m currently living in Florida with my boyfriend but I’m going back to my country in a few weeks and once I’m back in Geneva, I’ll start a training to become a fitness trainer.11. Boots Botanics Eye Liner / 2. Essie – Blue Nail Polish Shades / 3. MAC Lipstick Pretty Please /
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I fell in love with fashion the day when my sister introduced me to makeup and high heels : I thank her for doing so because it was the beginning of a real love story. For me, fashion is a real game and sometimes presents new challenges ; I love to match the colors, to try new things and I even wanted to be a model but guess what ? I’m not tall enough ! (and maybe not skinny enough too haha) but it is only recently that I discovered the world of blogging and when I saw some fashion blogs, I thought about making one myself  and becoming my own model to share with everyone my love for this world and to have their opinion about my looks.Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 09.22.38 I can’t really say that I have only one personal style because it depends on my mood. One day I’ll feel like wearing a very elegant look with high heels and a nice blazer and the other day I’ll wake up feeling like wearing torn old jeans with a nice sweater for a more sporty look. But in general, I would say quite a posh style.Capture d’écran 2014-06-12 à 23.46.34 

To check out a lot of different fashion blogs from popular bloggers because it will give you a lot of ideas of what your blog should look like and what kind of content you need to post to attract readers.

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1. Only Black Blazer / 2. White House Black Market Heels / 3. Dorothy Perkins Black skinny jeans / 4. SIMILAR BAG : Hamilton EW bag or Calvin Klein Satchel Bag / 5. Round Fuchsia Earrings

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Thank you so much for asking! Well, all the pictures you see on my blog are there thanks to the man of my life: my boyfriend.

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Unfortunately not yet but I hope one day I will.

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To be honest, to get noticed in the fashion blog world would be a real honor for me. So, to achieve this level, you have to work a lot! It’s the hard part of blogging.
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The readers’ feedback and reaction after all my posts, I just LOVE receiving comments and new followers, it means that people like to read my blog and that just makes my day, it’s such a great sensation!
casuallook.1. Little White Lies Daisy Lace Shorts / 2. GIANCARLO PAOLI High-heeled sandals or Maison Martin Heels / 3. Michael Michael Kors Small Jet Set Travel Bag / 4. Reagan Rayon Black Roll-Sleeve Top / 5. Mac Lipstick Russian red  or Mac Lipstick Ruby woo

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My biggest hope is that it will grow and give me the opportunity to collaborate with some popular brands either for beauty products, accessories or clothes.
Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 18.06.37 Hmm, I will say Kristina Bazan, a well-known fashion blogger from Geneva. You see, I like her style because every kind of clothe she wears, she always manages to make it look elegant and classy!
Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 18.07.56Guys, please don’t think to much, just do what you want to do because you only live once !

2Capture d’écran 2014-06-14 à 19.36.20Here we finally are at the end of this 3th interview from my lovely Laurie Fashion blogger! I really hope you enjoyed reading  her #COMBBS Team interview. Please, if you haven’t read the last fashion blogger discovery, just clic here and follow you best blogger on Instagram. Stay also update for some news coming soon on the blog! Have a nice monday.

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