This post title sounds a bit like Richard Wagner song  »ride of the valkyries » ( I just adore it!), so tragectic, deep and captive, it’s the Apocalypse! Those last past days my mind was almost disturbed by lots of different things. I was sad, a bit nostalgic, then happy and finally sad again. My mom said it was high time for spring to come back and to give me some light of sun! Why this sadness? well, I was anxious about school(my exams are jet around the corner), my blog(sad to not always write a post and share with you my daily life on photos), dance(I’ll make a future article about what i’m doing in my spare time), my driving lesson that goes so long, always paying the lesson for at the end not pass the exam- it seems to have been drawn out. How sadly things were going on! Of course those kind of sadness make you feel ashamed of yourself, so you don’t to share these fear to anybody. Fortunately, I met Quentin, who succeed in motivating me with all his compliments about how I was beautiful and talented(you know like me that woman are so complexed for unusual reasons!) and my best friend who said she was a firm believer in what I was tried to reach. Slowly, things were getting better than before. When I’m on this kind of mood, I don’t eat chocolate or crying at front of television(sometimes I wish i could do that!) but as my addiction for clothes and shoes come out,I can be a bit keyed-up on shops(just kidding)! Sincerely, I can go shopping for about 4 hours without being tired! That’s why I found these marvelous Mango shoes yesterday and of course this lovely white skirt(I fell in love with the fabric). I was however  bait afraid that high waist skirt wouldn’t fit with me but finally I adopted it!  





valkyrie pose




Mango heels here /  H&M high waisted skirt SIMILAR here/ H&M Bag / Tally Weijl Sweater /

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